A new study from Penn State confirms

·A new study from Penn State confirms longstanding research into the relationship between color and taste. What consumers see when they eat matters as much — if not more— than what they taste.

宾夕法尼亚州立大学的一项新研究证实了长期以来探索的颜色和味觉之间的关系。 消费者在吃东西时看到的东西与他们品尝到的味道同样重要,甚至更为重要。

·Researchers gave participants different colors of liquid with different tastes — including bitter, sweet, savory and sour. Participants then tried clear liquids with the same taste profiles, and they were asked to associate them with a color.

研究人员给实验者提供不同颜色、不同口味的液体,包括苦的、甜的、咸的和酸的。 然后,参与者尝试了具有相同味道的透明液体,并要求他们将这些液体与一种颜色联系起来。
·Researchers found these associations are easy to learn, and ones that are currently common — like red for sweet or yellow for sour — may not be set in stone. Six in 10 study participants learned new color-flavor pairings after four exposures.

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