A new study from Penn State confirms2

What consumers expect when they see a food primes the palate to taste certain flavors. The strong associations between color and flavor are well established in the scientific community. Research on the subject dates back to the 1970s. For example, consumers expect yellow foods to be sour or citrusy.

当消费者看到一种食物时,他们所期望的是让他们的味蕾尝到某种口味。 颜色和味道之间的强烈联系在科学界已经得到了很好的证实。而关于这个问题的研究可以追溯到20世纪70年代。比如消费者看到黄色食品时会期望它是酸的或柑橘味的。

Branding, packaging and color quality of the product itself play a big part in creating and maintaining expectations. Food brands have long understood this and worked to establish standards. Federal regulations grade the color of orange juice. Businesses offer color-matching services for companies to select the right hue for a particular product. In some cases, color can overpower other senses and convince people they taste flavors that aren’t there.

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