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Although it may be possible to radically alter food colors, it may not be advisable. According to this study, 40% of consumers would be left behind, stuck on familiar patterns. That’s a big gamble for food brands to take. Consumers tend to want to know what they’re in for when they select a product — and color is a big part of that. While it’s interesting that consumer expectations for colors could shift, the risk of unexpected colors is high for any company.

尽管有可能从根本上改变食物的颜色,但这也是不可取的。 根据这项研究,40% 的消费者会落后并坚持他们熟悉的模式。 对于食品商来说,这是一场巨大的赌博。消费者在选择产品时往往想知道自己喜欢什么,而颜色是其中很重要的一个因素。然而有趣的是,消费者对颜色的期望往往会发生变化,但是对于任何公司来说,采用意想不到的颜色,风险是很高的。

Many food brands rely on visual expectations to pull customers into unfamiliar products. Take alternative protein: a burger that mimics the appearance and color of a beef patty elicits a different reaction than a green-hued veggie-dense alternative.

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