veggie-dense alternative.

Many food brands rely on visual expectations to pull customers into unfamiliar products. Take alternative protein: a burger that mimics the appearance and color of a beef patty elicits a different reaction than a green-hued veggie-dense alternative.

许多食品商依靠视觉预期来吸引顾客购买他们不熟悉的产品。比如同样都是蛋白质: 一个模仿牛肉饼的外观和颜色的汉堡比浓密的绿色蔬菜更加吸引人
But while today’s consumer has expectations for flavors of items with different colors, he also has expectations that natural ingredients be used. While these ingredients are often preferable, they present a challenge. General Mills switched out artificial dyes for natural ones in Trix cereal. Customer outrage followed. Many found the earthier tones depressing, despite no change in flavor. Chemicals and all, they wanted the original back. The company eventually switched back, opting to prioritize color.

但是,尽管今天的消费者对不同颜色的食品的味道有所期待,但人们更希望使用天然的原材料。这些天然的材料是更可取的选项,但它们也意味着挑战。General Mills 公司对 Trix 谷物中的天然染料进行了人工染色,引起了消费者的强烈不满。 尽管味道没有改变,但很多人还是觉得这种土黄色很怪异。较之化学药品,他们更想要原有的食品颜色。该公司最终改变了主意,选择优先考虑颜色。

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